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Wynola Pizza & Bistro

Wynola Pizza is the place to go for wood fired and other Italian delights!

Raging Cider & Mead

Dave Carr with Raging Cider tasting room in San Marcos has a wide ranging appreciation for locally sourced fruits in his blends of cider and meads.

Wynola Junction Antiques and. Collectibles

Tracy and parents Les & Audrey Turner of Wynola Junction curate fine selection of antiques, lore, crazy good train depot and gently used curios.

Volcan Mountain Winery

Mel Shaffer at tasting room on grounds of Volcan Mountain Winery, rambling orchards great for picnicking, will introduce you to reds, whites and others to impress.

Calico Cidery

Dave Ian and crew at Calico Cidery tempt with satisfying blends at their welcoming stand.

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