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Field Notes from Ken 081523

Greetings, Pickers! 2023 began with wave after wave of rain begun in December 2022! Yay! Not only did this bring blessed water to fruit trees on the slopes

of Wynola and surrounding areas, cooler conditions without significant

frost or high winds were precious months of relief from several years of drought (contrast this with 0.0" precipitation in January 2022!) Compost spread during those years was gradually transforming into valuable humus, trees root systems absolutely benefited, leafing out lush and deep green.

Pollinators did their indispensable work and timing was right

for many of the trees, resulting in plentiful crop on the usual numbers of trees in this and other orchards in the area. You may know that not every tree bears fruit each and every year,

this is the reason that I say "usual numbers of trees" It is difficult to predict that a tree will produce in any given year. Those of you who visit the orchard in more than one year may notice that one tree that bore last year and even the year before is not bearing as heavily this year.

The trees and I look forward to your groups visit in September! Over and out!

Ken B

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