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Upick gates open Sat 082821 @ 9 am

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

3803 Wynola Road UPick 2021 Ken s pre UPick notes 080921

When the last pickers had left here in early October 2020, we had a few apples with the last of the crop to find good homes. After pruning from January to April, weeding and spreading compost, we re in the final stretch to bring in 2021 s harvest for you, the pickers! This my second year owning the orchard was the first year I opted for aggressive pruning, still there are a few trees which I left tall where these had not been pruned and suckers allowed to outpace mature growth, a problem for picking from those branches. Thinning is almost complete. Small, misshapen or wormy apples are going to neighbors’ livestock! Now watering the trees takes center stage.

Apples are noticeably gaining in size with each passing week of high temperatures in the 90 s, Gravensteins are the first on site to mature, with some Red and Golden Delicious following close behind. It s less than two weeks until the first pickers enter the gates, we re hoping that the apples will perform as they always have, with fewer, larger fruit than last year to please palates.

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